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At Golden Plains Garden Center & Greenhouse, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:​  Expert advice, yard planning, delivery, special orders, and much more.  We are here to help make your growing experience affordable, effective, rewarding and wonderful!

Custom Planting

One of our special services is custom planting. Customers bring in their planters to us in early spring.  We plant them to the customers specifications. We keep them in the greenhouse until May or until the customer wants to pick them up.  ​

The advantage of that is we have done the all the work for the customer!  They pick them up and their planters are big and beautiful and all they have to do is take them home!  Customers can bring in anything for us to plant. From regular planters to shopping carts and even old engines.  We have a blast planting in new and unique things! Charges do apply!

Yard Planning

Now we are not a landscaping business, but we can help you create your dream front yard or backyard with our landscaping tips and ideas.  We can help you find the best plants for every project from our selection of perennials, nursery stock and more.  Learn how to plant certain plants in all areas from shade to sun in your yard! 

Delivery  - Charges apply

Golden Plains Garden Center delivers!   We will deliver items to a funeral, friend or a  just because gift.  We can also pickup your planters if you want us to custom plant them and we can deliver them when there done! 

Watering Tips

The best way to know if a plant needs water is to check if the soil is dry. Gently stick your finger in the top part of the soil and check the humidity. If it’s still wet, it means it probably has enough water for now. If there’s some decorative moss over your soil, make sure to feel below it. Do note that generally plants in smaller pots will need to be watered more often simply because there’s not as much potting mix to keep the moisture in.

Growing Succulents Tips

Succulents are so much fun! Plus they are pretty easy to take care of once you’ve learned just a few basic tips. Your succulents will want quite a bit of light, but not too harsh. The best place is a foot or two away from a window that receives bright light, preferably in the morning when it’s not as hot. Being too close to a window that gets hot, direct light can actually cause the plant to sunburn. 


Soil. You want soil that doesn’t stay soaking wet for a long time. Succulents do not like to sit in soaking wet soil as they absorb water from the air rather than from direct contact with water. They love to have a good soak and then dry out for a little while. Generally with indoor succulents water about once a week.

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