Stay at home kits for you

and the family! 

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The perfect kit for you and your kiddos to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while learning how to garden and play in the dirt!


Kit includes bright color planter basket, 2 flowers and soil.  

Kids Planter Kit

Just imagine- freshly picked basil in pestos, cilantro in tacos or just-plucked oregano in tomato sauce. This kit will help take your chef skills up a notch.

Kit includes planter, your choice of 2 herbs- (thyme, oregano, sage, basil, cilantro or parsley) and soil.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

This strawberry kit comes with everything you need to have a blossoming garden of yummy strawberries.  

Kit includes planter, 5 strawberry plants and soil.

Strawberry Grow Kit

Fertilizer for everything including container gardening, vegetables, trees, shrubs and bushes.

Kit includes Osmocote Fertilizer, Tomato and Vegetable Food, Root Stimulator and Plant Food

Fertilizer Kit

This kit has everything you need to grow low maintenance and beautiful succulents.

Kit includes planter, 2 succulents and soil.

Succulent Kit

Everything you need to help make your gardening kits a success. 

Gardening Accessories

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