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This is only a small sampling of the gorgeous selection of vegetables and flowers at Golden Plains Garden Center in Colby, Kansas.  Stop by our greenhouse and see our selection in person and know that all our varieties are picked especially for NW Kansas weather!

"Eyeconic Peach" Calibrachoa

New Arrivals

We will always continue to bring back customer favorites each year, but by bringing in new varieties of plants it gives our customers a chance to try something new with a larger selection to choose from!!


"Crimsn Flame"  Geranium

"Talavera Sienna"  Coleus

ball head danish cabbage.png

"Ball Head Danish"  Cabbage

Big Beef Tomato

"Big Beef" Tomato


We have the largest selection of home-grown vegetables in Northwest Kansas! Each plant gets that special attention it needs for grow for our customers. We do not buy in any to stock our greenhouse they are all started from seed and grown in the greenhouse.  

We choose the best varieties proven to perform in Northwest Kansas weather. 

Big Chili Pepper

"Big Chili" Pepper


These flowers are great in many ways. The primary reason people enjoy perennials is that they are low maintenance and are easy to care for. The other advantage of perennials is that they come back every year to bring joy to your yard!!!

We have a large selection 

of perennials from shade to full sun that will fit in your landscaping project.  Ask one of our professional staff to help assist you in your decision! 

Bartzella peonie

"Bartzella" Peony




"Perrsian Blue"







These flowers are typically the brightest and bloomiest flowers of most climates growing season. They usually last only one year but are a spectacular show of color during that time. If you are looking for instant beauty for your yard, it is hard to pass them up!!!!

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