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Golden Plains Garden Center
has expanded!


Oct. 1, 2022

Colby, Kan. — Family-owned and operated Golden Plains Garden Center in Colby is expanding to more than 11,000 sq feet with the possibility of adding more. Owner Ashley Moser and her team bring unique gardening events, educational programs, beautiful annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, vegetables, landscaping décor, and products to Colby and the surrounding community.


“I want to say, “Thank you” to our customers,” said Moser. “We don’t have enough space to meet their needs. We are expanding so we can have more in stock and more availability.  Our special orders have become so popular we need more space for them as well.  Our customers are making Golden Plains Garden Center a success. We are expanding because of them!”


Golden Plains Garden Center’s base has grown steadily over the years. Moser explained that they are expanding, not just because of their unique special orders and services, but because they need more inventory during their growing season. The team at Golden Plains Garden Center grows all vegetables and herbs 100% from seed, and others are brought in as plugs and grown locally. The additional greenhouse space will allow her to restock customer favorites instead of having to order-in plants grown elsewhere.

The garden center is open to the public from March 1 to the end of June each year, but the team is busy planning and preparing year-round for each growing season, which starts in January.


“It’s a 6-month season, but it’s swift, hard work, and constant. There’s much math involved on the job in deciding how many plants are in each planter while it’s also very physical work,” said Ashley. “It can be stressful, but it’s worth it when you see someone’s smile and the difference it makes to our customers.”


Moser insists that it isn’t just their healthy locally grown plants, garden tools, and décor keeping customers coming back, but their unique services and gardening experience that make all the difference. Customer service is at the heart of everything her and the Golden Plains Garden Center team offer.

“We have awesome employees who are all knowledgeable and friendly,” said Moser. “We easily have more than 40 years of experience growing and gardening between the team members at the garden center. People will come in with questions and show us pictures or bring a sample in. We can help troubleshoot or help them identify what’s wrong, what they need to fix it, and teach them how to keep their garden and landscaping healthy.”


Golden Plains Garden Center offers a VIP loyalty club whose members receive perks throughout the season and Golden Flower Bucks, a program that allows you to earn savings during March to redeem in June. Other popular services at Golden Plains Garden Center are their unique ordering, custom planting, and local delivery. The Golden Plains Garden Center team can take on the labor of planning and nurturing the planter through the ups and downs of early spring weather. Then deliver a fully seasoned custom-designed floral planter by Mother’s Day. These custom orders can be completed with the purchase of a new grower or planted in a favorite planter you already own year after year.

“Ashley is the best at providing quality service, plants and products! She has amazing arrangements but also gives great tips for creating your own, favorite garden center out here in the Midwest,” said Brittany Pavlovic in a Facebook review of the Golden Plains Garden Center.


The team at Golden Plains Garden Center also offers exciting, themed events such as ladies' night, private parties, and team-building events. Business team-building events have proven very popular as organizations can build on the sessions for training or provide an exceptional employee appreciation incentive.


Moser also works to share educational videos on social media about the plants they offer and how-to videos. These videos have grown a following as Moser shares her passion for gardening and the community.


“It’s important to be a part of the community,” said Moser, a member of the Colby Chamber of Commerce and the Diplomats. “Our customers and community have supported us and helped to make the garden center a success, and we want to help be a part of the growth for all of the Colby area.”



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